As Bugatti is testing 5 million euros

As Bugatti is testing 5 million euros


The company begins deliveries Bugatti hypercar Divo first customers. Each instance is undergoing a long test before shipping to the customer. During a large-scale test-drive the French engineers confirm the stated specifications of each car.

Preparation for the testing of each Bugatti Divo are six engineers. Before the test drive, the body of the hypercar is coated with a protective film, and instead of the original bottoms on the car install test. Also, instead of the future wheels Divo “shoes” in the test. All this is done in order to avoid damage and to ensure maximum protection hypercar before delivery to the client.

Dynamic tests conducted by the Steve Jenny – engineer who did a test drive of 95 percent of all Bugatti cars. At the beginning of the specialist checks whether this instance is for the customer then checks all the electrical functions hypercar and begin testing. Test drive takes a minimum of five hours. In the process of testing the hypercar route runs through the mountains, public roads and highways. In total, each car Steve rides about 300 miles.


Speed tests are conducted hypercar on the closed runway of the airport. Here Divo disperse up to 250 kilometers per hour, testing different modes of movement and brake system. The final stage of a test drive is a race length of 50 kilometers, which issued a final confirmation of the stated dynamic characteristics of the model, the cost of which is five million euros. The first 40 hypercar Bugatti Divo will be sent to customers in the coming months.

In April last year, the company Bugatti has published photos from field trials hypercar Divo in the desert. During the test the Drava were testing the on-Board electronics hypercar in the desert, when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, while the car is moving at a speed of about 250 kilometers per hour.

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