As Ford Bronco feels in the rocky mountains? (video)

As Ford Bronco feels in the rocky mountains? (video)


A recently published video shows that the new generation SUV the Bronco is a serious offroad capabilities. The video shows how the machine goes through the stone barrier.

Ford will start deliveries of the new Bronco buyers until next spring, so there is plenty of time to think about it, do you need that SUV or not. One of the best ways to learn off-road capability of this car is to go off-road on the legendary route of the Rubicon Trail and to personally test the prototypes of the SUV. The “blue oval” has provided those wishing to made a test version of the SUV in the configuration of the Badlands – tests was presented as a version with two doors and with four.

As you can clearly see from the video, these prototypes was seriously injured while climbing and have plenty of battle scars around the bottom, and the body too.

In addition to checking Bronco off-road abilities in the real world, we can also observe the work of Ford, as the video shows the engineer company, which is located in the passenger seat and watches the readings on the laptop.


Also the video is interesting for another reason – MT. This seven-speed box with gear reduction unit. It is worth mentioning that none of the prototypes had additional off-road “package,” Sasquatch, that is, they all had 33-inch tires instead of the 35-inch set. Two-door version of the Bronco got tires BFG AT, and its more practical sibling with four doors is equipped with tires Goodyear MT.

It is unlikely that most of all those who have already placed an order for a SUV, on the first day go to the track Rubicon Trail to test off-road characteristics of your potential car.

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