Ask for the Day of Vidkritih doors Nissan. Test drive of the new Nissan JUKE


21 serpnya 2021, I will ask you to the Nissan VIDI Sunrise salon for a test drive of the new Nissan JUKE – Nissan Day of Opening Doors at the dealership center on Velikiy Kil’tseviy, 60a.

You check the emotional atmosphere, the development program, the tasty parts, the professional consulting from the pre-existing fahivts, and the quick test-drive of the cars from the Nissan model line.

Ear of programs about 11:00 in the car dealership Nissan VIDI Sunrise, st. Velika Kil’tseva, 60a (s. Sofiyivska Borshagivka), tel: +380 (044) 507-00-07.

Let’s be glad to bachiti you! Positive emotions and cheerful mood are guaranteed!

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