Asking Women Supercar Drivers What They Do For A Living

Asking Women Supercar Drivers What They Do For A Living


I meet up with Supercar owners to ask them what they do to be able to afford these cars. The difference here is, all these supercar owners are women. They’re all a part of the Arabian Gazelles, the first all female supercar club in Dubai. So interesting to hear how diverse everyone’s jobs are. Hope you enjoy watching this guys xoThanks to all the Ladies &

what’s up guys supercar blondie here in dubai now today i’m going to ask what supercar owners do for a living and the difference is all of these supercar owners are women so let’s find out how it is that they made their dollars all right this is going to be awesome massive thanks to arabian gazelles they are an all female supercar club here in dubai i love these guys thank you so much for coming out today and chatting to us all right let’s do this hi nice thank you what do you do for a living vip concierge nice yeah how did you get the promo a couple of days ago it’s amazing thank you what do you do for a living i work on my abs you work on your abs that is awesome all right show us then you wanna you’re gonna get out okay all right holy [ __ ] wow okay that’s well worth it thank you nice girl thank you she works on her abs i love that that’s like a full-time job and it shows wow hi hi um i love your break thank you it’s beautiful wow look at this spec sorry i just wanted to ask you what you do for a living i’m see you at garrogash hospital wow the family is awesome okay bye drive safe hi i love your car i just wanted to ask you what you do for a living i’m sorry what do you do for a living well if i tell you i have to kill you no seriously i’m a private banker i make the wealthy wealthier i work for a swiss bank oh nice i love your car thank you thank you so much bye i’m a lawyer i’m lawyer what kind of law i do corporate law corporate law and that’s how you can afford these beautiful cars i hope so yes i think so yeah it’s beautiful thank you so much i actually had a nightclub in sydney it’s called carter sydney that’s crazy you own a nightclub i do that is so cool thank you i’m a fashion designer that’s beautiful i was about to say your jacket is gorgeous thank you so well i’m a philanthropist and i try to spend the money of my husband because he doesn’t want to do it he’s that so i have to do it so you got to spend some of that money on cars right yeah thank you so much she got to spend some of her husband’s money man someone got to do it if you’re not going to spend it pass it that way you know what i’m saying i’m fashion designer i’m actually an interior designer but at the moment i’m a homemaker since i’ve got three kids three kids where do you fit them um in a different car but there is some space at the back so it’s beautiful i’m the owner of study group we provide the customized designs into this oh cool maybe you can design my place thank you so much i’m a mind doctor a mind doctor i’m a psychologist that is what do you do for a living i’m designing my course it’s a kryptos collection one of 50 that is so cool i see you’ve got a code behind your head have you worked out what that is yet that is aurora for rolls-royce still is still more to come everywhere all over this race that they need to work out just for fun that is crazy look you’ve got this code around the spirit of ecstasy thank you thank you i’m a psychologist psychologist second psychologist of the day that’s awesome thank you thank you thank you two psychologists so far holy moly that’s good business hi guys hi i just want to ask you what do you do for a living to be able to afford this home you have a company managing development and developing different properties and offices nice and did you have to go to college for that i do have to go to college for this but i did yeah i did my master’s as well what did you study finance and banking okay ended up being property it’s helpful thank you so much enjoy your auras i love it it’s my husband’s investment oh that’s because i’m allergic to welcome thank you so much thank you bye bye i own a fashion beauty store it’s called nice nice car so i’m the ceo and founder of diva group of companies so we’ve got like this events platform wow what a lot of things wow and you’re just closing a deal at the moment are you on you’re trying you got to keep past that you do you’ve got to keep the hustle up all right thank you see you i work in the travel industry ah okay what do you do it’s pretty rewarding yeah vlogging and i work for a travel platform oh sorry that gives people amazing discounts to travel that is so cool thank you so so much thank you oh my goodness come around here guys this is hanan she is the woman who has made all of this happen she’s actually the founder of arabian gazelle so thank you so much for bringing everyone out today this has been awesome it’s been so long since i’ve like been able to drive with you girls so it’s crazy it’s crazy because i’ve been traveling so much but now of course we’re all kind of like hanging out in dubai which is kind of a nice change um and so that’s why we have all of these incredible supercars here and the main difference is they’re all owned by women this is crazy and so you have like over a hundred members now yes a hundred members here in dubai of female owned supercars and they go driving together and like it’s just i love it and i think possibly you might be like the first the first all-female difficult uh owners in the world here in dubai and hanan made it all happen go give them some love go follow them on insta arabian gazelles the handle is just here on the screen right now go check out all of their amazing cars and who the women are behind these cars and do you reckon you’ll do it a world one at some point when everything opens up again we want to connect all these women who have a passion for supercars yeah and meet them in different countries all over the world all right that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed um and we’ll see you on the next vid bye love y’all

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