Assembled from stolen cars BMW M3 crushed crane (video)

Assembled from stolen cars BMW M3 crushed crane (video)


In the UK, police confiscated an unusual BMW M3 Touring. Officially, the Germans have not yet produced such a station wagon, but the owner of this car decided to assemble it on his own. To do this, he used parts from stolen cars, reports Carscoops.

“This BMW looked great from the outside. However, its design is unsafe. You have to understand that the perfect appearance of the car will not save your life in the event of an accident, “- said the local police department.

They explained that parts of at least four 3-Series cars were used to create an unusual station wagon. Two of these cars were reported stolen. At the same time, VIN numbers have been removed on all parts.

As a result, the local authorities decided to dispose of the car. For this, a special crane was used. Video of the destruction of the BMW M3 Touring posted on YouTube.

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