Aston Martin announced the creation of a new African Vantage Cup

Aston Martin announced the creation of a new African Vantage Cup


The start of the first season is scheduled for 2020 in Europe and 2021 will be held in the Asian region. Each car will cost about 250 000 euros, and only on the track will involve about 25 cars.

“The launch of the Aston Martin Vantage Cup from R-Motorsport will surely be the main event of the next season”, – declared on a press-conferences the head of R-Motorsport Florian Kamelhar. “The car developed and produced by AF Racing Team, will be a real sports car, which will be able to show their strength at the highest level and will please both the participants and the spectators.”

Aston Martin has officially confirmed the creation of many of the Vantage Cup, but details about the future sports car were not disclosed. It can be assumed that the model is completely deprived of the trim, replace exterior composite panel, get driver’s “bucket” of five – or restitutionem belt, lose the glasses and get an internal roll cage. This will greatly facilitate Vantage. In addition, the manufacturer additionally boosts the engine and reworked transmission to the suspension.


The cost of one sports Aston Martin Vantage monokubka will be around 250 000 euros.

Executive Director of Aston Martin Andy Palmer commented:

“We are delighted that our brand will be widely represented R-Motorsport in international races. Aston Martin Vantage Cup from R-Motorsport offers customers the perfect opportunity to implement their ambitions in Motorsport”.

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