Aston Martin built the first spy DB5

Aston Martin built the first spy DB5


The historical division of Heritage Aston Martin built the first copy of the replica DB5, which is worth 2.75 million pounds. Series DB5 Goldfinger Continuation of the 25 cars dedicated to James bond, or rather, spy sports car from the film “Goldfinger” in 1964.

Replica Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger 1 Job harvested by hand at the factory in Newport Pagnell – the home of the original DB5. The basis for the modern sports car chassis is made of mild steel, manufactured according to the archived drawings. Body panels molded by hand from aluminum, but under the hood is installed inline six-cylinder “aspirated” volume of 4.0 liters. In accordance with the historical period on the DB5 used the rack and pinion without power and Girling brakes with steel discs.

V8 engine equipped with three SU carburettors and develops 294 horsepower. Rear – wheel drive. Transmission uses a five-speed manual ZF gearbox and a mechanical limited slip differential. Suspension Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger 1 Job is a strut-type coil-over with stabilizer in front and the axle with a radial rods and the mechanism of watt in the back. Assembly each staff car division Heritage spend about 4500 hours.


However, the main “trick” the Grand Tourer – spy gadgets. Each “di-bi-the fifth” is equipped with a smoke gun, rotating rooms, an armored shield in the rear of the body, hidden in the dimensions of the lights Browning machine guns (imitation), stylized running radar, telephone, and other functioning devices designed by British special effects coordinator Chris Corbould.

To revive the historic Aston Martin began in 2017. And the first programme Continuation, there appeared DB4 GT. A few days ago put up for sale one of the earliest instances of such a vehicle. It is built in accordance with the specification of the original DB4 GT and even features one of versions of row “six”, developed by engineer Tadeusz “he’s not a” Marek in the 1950s for racing DB2 and the subsequent “civil” cars.

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