Aston Martin: DBS vs DB9 and Vanquish

Aston Martin: DBS vs DB9 and Vanquish


Jeremy test drives the flashy Aston Martin DBS. Taken from Series 10, Episode 6. : WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

it’s called the DBS and Aston Martin are very adamant that it’s an all-new six-litre hard-driving right wait forever I’m not sure about that you see to my mind a thoroughbred car is Italian and flamboyant and it has his engine in the middle and it goes wrong all the time this is none of those things yes it has four nostrils in the bonnet carbon-fiber buttocks and carbon-ceramic brakes but the engines at the front there’s lots of storage space in the cabin and it has a boot you can actually use and therefore isn’t laid out like a thoroughbred but who knows maybe it’ll drive like one okay I’m gonna tell the adaptive suspension that I’m on a track there we are a hill town I like the steering I don’t like that and I like the brakes and I have to say I’m also pretty fond of the tweet differential they put in is busy to do this I must say the tires which is specially made just for this car by Pirelli a brilliant really good excellent it makes the right noises as well but you don’t get that same sense of terror that you get from a proper thoroughbred like say a Ferrari none of that sense oh my god rehearsal this else as well hard really to put a finger on little bit old-fashioned maybe old-fashioned is unkind maybe old school would be better but either way it’s not a thoroughbred perhaps then it’s a work of art there’s no denying that its bite the back of your hand beautiful but is it better looking than a db9 well apart from the racing paraphernalia on the DBS they look pretty much the same to me Keira Knightley Keira Knightley in puff Diddley’s jewelry and it’s all very well than saying the DBS is carbon-fibre it’s only ten stone lighter than the db9 and that’s what the weight of a medium-sized woman so it’s not a thoroughbred supercar and it’s not as good-looking as its sister maybe then we should view it as a replacement for the old vanquish yes the trouble with doing that though is that the DBS is v12 produces 510 brake horsepower and that’s ten less than you got from the vanquishes v12 as a result the Vanquish will do 200 miles an hour this is an a puff ninety-one and on there are other problems too the interior is all marvelous an amazing blend of carbon fiber suede and lots of exciting buttons you can’t see your reach I especially love the gear leaver which is like a Power Rangers leg and then they go and let the whole thing down with this stupid key they call it and I’m not joking an emotional control unit god of those already it’s called the government and I don’t like that sound either this car van is shaping up to be a bit of a misfit but don’t worry because there’s one thing it does brilliantly put it back in road mode and it becomes a stunning long-distance Cruiser and epic grand tourer I’d be happy to drive this all the way to the South of France and I’d be happy if I got there and found out forgot my swimming trunks because then I could drive it all the way back again when you’re on a motorway it’s smooth and civilized quiet as well it is magnificent but even here there’s a problem because if you want a good-looking and fast long-distance Cruiser what exactly is the matter with the db9 it’s easier to use as the same engine has two more seats and it costs fifty thousand pounds less there’s no good thing oh no this is the best car I’ve driven all year and by a huge margin oh hang on you just said it’s not as quick as a vanquished and it’s not as pretty as a db9 and it’s 50,000 pounds more yeah the thing is okay Aston Martin messed up when they said it’s a thoroughbred it’s an all-new car it isn’t that’s what threw me take me ages to work it out but what this is is a db9 where every little piece is a little bit better if you tell you what okay this is the way to think of it don’t think of it as a DBS think of it as a db9 s like a db9 evo and then it makes sense really yeah 50,000 pounds well they agree the price is a bit steep is perilously close to the Ferrari 599 but honestly you cannot buy a db9 anymore you just can’t do it because one day you will be sitting at a set of lights someone will pull up alongside in one of these and you will feel hopeless and inadequate and you will have to kill yourself you

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