Aston Martin DBX 707: FIRST LOOK at the world’s fastest production SUV

Aston Martin DBX 707: FIRST LOOK at the world’s fastest production SUV


Trigger warning for Cayenne and Urus owners: this isn’t just the fastest DBX money can buy, Aston Martin’s DBX 707 now holds the title for fastest production SUV in the world. You are looking at 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds and a claimed 193mph top speed. We know what you’re thinking: what on earth have Aston put under the bonnet? How else is it different from a standard DBX? How much more will the 707 variant cost? We sent Magazine’s Ollie Marriage to find out… Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

you are aston martin you’ve launched the dbx and it’s instantly become the best seller in your model range rejoice you’ve got an suv it’s doing okay so what’s next let me give you a couple of options do you say a the planet needs saving let’s go and ask mercedes if they have a hybrid or electric system we can use or do you go with option b what the world needs now is an even faster suv guess which one aston martin went with option b and not just faster fast est please give a warm welcome to the dbx 707 the world’s fastest production suv yes this is the world’s first production suv with over 700 horsepower now when i first found out how much power this thing had i wondered where on earth they’d found the engine from had aston bought back the six liter v12 twin turbo or had they gone to mercedes and managed to come back with the amg gt black series flat plane crank v8 no this is still the same four liter twin turbo v8 fitted into the regular dbx but they’ve switched out the old turbo chargers for a much bigger pair that 707 horsepower measurement is a metric figure and in old money it’s 697 but that’s still 155 horsepower more than a regular dbx and 148 pounds foot up and here’s more top trump’s facts naught 62 takes 3.3 seconds and aston is claiming a 193 mile an hour top speed but what all those numbers mean is that an enormous amount of heat is being generated under here and that needs an enormous amount of cooling and the easiest way to do that is to open out the front end look how much bigger this grill is than the regular dbx’s grille and look down here there are no side intakes and extra radiators just these rather ornate daytime running lights which on the dbx707 have been reduced to these little strips so the conventional dbx actually has a more recognizable light signature than this one but there’s a reason for that thin strips here means more space for the air to hit the huge new radiator packs in behind them but honestly look at the size of this grill look you can fit your hand in through there britain’s hedgerow wildlife is going to live in fear of this thing right let’s start a journey down the side of the car and we’re going to stop as soon as we get to the front wheel because here we have an enormous 23-inch wheel and a pirelli p0 tire now you can have this combination on a regular dbx but what you can’t have is the huge carbon ceramic brakes behind them a very fast powerful car needs an equivalent set of brakes right coming on a bit further down it’s a sporty one so it’s got all the black and carbon and things the major change here though is the sill down here which has all got an entirely new cladding designed to take the air and frame it better so it goes more cleanly down the side of the car and around the rear wheel but one thing to note here actually is that the ride height for the dbx707 is the same as the conventional dbx which means that in profile there’s not a huge amount of difference until you come round the back where the standard dbx features this very neat and tidy rear end treatment in its quest for 190 mile an hour stability the dbx707 changes that a carbon sliver has been added to the upper rear wing and on top of that there’s a new bumper with a massive diffuser it’s more like a carbon mantelpiece than a diffuser look it’s got twin elements here and the veins and i know the floor underneath isn’t flat but at over 190 miles an hour this has got to be doing something hasn’t it but more excitingly have a look at these satin black exhaust finishes now the pipes themselves are slightly smaller in diameter but have a listen to the noise that comes out of them proper v8 verbal inside aston’s been pretty conservative the seats have been altered and the switch gear tweaked most notably there’s a new rotary controller to adjust the drive modes and best of all look we’ve got a circular steering wheel but apart from this and a load more power and the body cladding it doesn’t look like you’ve got a huge amount else going on here and if you want to create the fastest suv that ever did suv you need to go further and luckily aston has for starters these paddles work a new version of the nine-speed automatic gearbox in fact it’s now the same gearbox as fitted to the merck amg so it can cope with all the extra torque and if you switch the modes around you bring into play a whole host of stuff not least the four wheel drive system which in sport plus sends 95 percent of torque to the back axle unless it needs to shuffle some forwards there’s a shorter final drive ratio for better sprinting and to really improve that for the first time in a dbx there’s launch control but in essence this is a horsepower v8 thunder tank with room for the kids and 632 litres of luggage and you can now transport all your precious goods at higher speeds in this than in any other suv quicker than a kn faster than anuris don’t worry they will be back this will not be the last word in the fast suv game now a standard dbx is 158 000 pounds and this one is likely to be 30 000 pounds more but more importantly than that is the way it drives and i’m hoping this does for the dbx what the v12 did for the vantage give it the sense that it’s trying to rip its way out of its own skin pretty skin though be ashamed to disfigure it

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