Aston Martin DBX will produce around 550 HP from its Twin-Turbo V8

Aston Martin DBX will produce around 550 HP from its Twin-Turbo V8


The SUV can be turned like Vantage and DBS to stay Superleggera.

To live in a world where in the showroom of Aston Martin SUV is, you need to wait a bit. DBX official debut scheduled for December, but today we learn some interesting points about the SUV, referred to in the official press release from Aston Martin.

Among them is the V8 engine with twin turbo volume of 4.0 liters., which is not just tolerated in DBX, Aston Martin reports that it produces 550 horsepower and develops a torque of 700 Nm. It is the most powerful V8 in the current line of the British brand. It is expected that the V12 version is still under development, but so far the only confirmed power plant is a reinforced V8.


It is easy to introduce a SUV with a large capacity, but Aston Martin also says that DBX is not just a “cruise missile” with two rows of seats. The automaker claims that prototypes DBX passed the preliminary tests on the range to eight minutes at the Nurburgring, may enter into turns with the same speed as the Vantage, and may be superior to DBS Superleggera. It’s certainly a bold statement, but previous spy shots have confirmed it, the SUV looks remarkably “flat” in the turns, but for the wheels, you notice the massive brakes.

“We are focusing on the fact that calibration and adjustment this 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 provided everyday ease of use and sophistication expected by owners of SUVs,” – said the chief engineer of Aston Martin Matt Becker. “However, we also wanted to match the dynamic manner of driving, which is guided by our brand and that is inherent in every Aston Martin, and early indicators of the overall performance of the car was incredibly promising.”

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