Aston Martin DBX will receive 6 different clones

Aston Martin DBX will receive 6 different clones


Aston Martin DBX entered the assembly line last summer and has now become a bestseller: it already accounts for more than half of all brand sales. Of course, the company wants to consolidate and enhance the success, and this is not the first time we hear about plans to turn a single crossover into a whole family. Another confirmation of this came directly from the general director of the brand Tobias Moers.

In an interview with Motor Trend, the top manager said that the first derivative will appear at DBX by the end of this year. She will receive a moderate-hybrid power plant based on an in-line three-liter “turbo six” in combination with a nine-band automatic and all-wheel drive. Recall that now only one engine is available for an off-road vehicle – a four-liter 550-horsepower V8 from Mercedes-AMG.

Next year, a high-performance version of the Aston Martin DBX will join the lineup. Interestingly, it will not be marked with an AMR nameplate: they say, “Aston” itself is a sports brand, and a sub-brand is not required in this case. And in 2023, another hybrid will be released – with the ability to charge from the mains. He will use the technologies of the same AMG, but there are no details yet: it is only clear that we are talking about a scheme with a “turbo eight”.

Expansion of the engine range is not limited to: Moers also talked about new body options, including – “with a more aggressive style.” So, DBX can be turned into a cross-coupe, and in addition, it can be made with a three-row saloon. That is, in total, by 2024, the model will receive five or six different options.

By the way, last month Aston Martin has already slightly updated the crossover: equipped it with 23-inch wheels, Sports Plus seats with advanced support and wireless charging for the smartphone.

We recommend watching a detailed test drive of the Aston Martin DBX from the InfoCar team:

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