Aston Martin first showed the Roadster Vantage

Aston Martin first showed the Roadster Vantage


The company Aston Martin has published the first photos of Vantage in the back of the Roadster. Dogdore is still in the prototype status and will enter the market next spring.

The images show that Aston Martin Vantage Roadster got a rag roof, but is otherwise repeat option for the coupé. Will remain curved rear optics, copying it form the framing of the exhaust diffuser and, of course, an integrated spoiler. Maybe the Roadster will get a chassis with other settings, but still no information the British did not disclose.

The engine probably will be the same as the coupe: a 4.0-liter “byturbulence” power of 510 horsepower and 685 Nm of torque. This unit works in tandem with vosmidiapazonnoy automatic ZF, and the version of Vantage AMR – c seven-speed “mechanics” Graziano, which has the function of automatic double-declutching AMSHIFT. Vantage with the machine dials the first hundred through 3.7 seconds and with the “mechanics” in four seconds flat.

What attracted in the model of the Vantage?

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