Aston Martin has revealed in London two concepts

Aston Martin has revealed in London two concepts

Aston Martin shows its electrified future in London, showing its two future models.

Rapide E, the first fully electric automobile manufactured by Aston Martin; and the concept car Lagonda Vision, demonstrating revived the brand and its future all-electric car, was presented ??in Central London the Aston Martin showroom in Mayfair.

Rapide E is the first fully electric production car Aston Martin and the company plans to collect a total of 155 instances of the model.

Twin-engine drive system Rapide E provides about 602 HP of power to the rear wheels, accelerating the car to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds. The maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 250 km/h. It will be manufactured at the new factory of Aston Martin in Sainte-Afane in Wales, which also deals with Assembly of the first SUV brand DBX.

“E Rapide is Testament to Aston Martin to his plan of electrification. The presence of an environmentally friendly power plant is not just the future for our company, it is a reality,” said John KSM, line Director vehicle Rapide E.

E Rapide to debut in the UK at the festival of speed at Goodwood this week.

Meanwhile, the Lagonda concept Vision Concept demonstrates what to expect from the brand Lagonda in the future. Brand name has been restored ??Aston Martin a few years ago for the ultra-exclusive, fully-electric luxury brand. In fact, this concept SUV is very similar to the coming new model of the brand.

“When we re-launched Lagonda, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first brand of class “luxury”. We see that the Lagonda brand is in a unique niche in the market,” said Marek Reichman, creative Director Aston Martin Lagonda.