Aston Martin has unveiled its electric supercar serial Rapid E

Aston Martin has unveiled its electric supercar serial Rapid E

In anticipation of the debut at the Shanghai motor show Aston Martin has unveiled the Rapide electric cityradio E, which will be one of the most powerful, fast and rare Astons.

Only four years it took the British from Aston Martin, to in collaboration with colleagues from Williams Advanced Engineering to bring to a production stage, the project Partners E. Rapide Aston Martin was responsible in particular for the optimization of the layout of the power plant and cooling system.

Externally Rapide E is very similar to petrol Rapide S, however, according to an official statement, a four-door body has undergone a major upgrade. For the sake of improved aerodynamics electrostan supplied, for example, a fully-flat bottom, a new front splitter and other wheels with specially designed tyres from Pirelli P-Zero, and the lack of an exhaust system helped to create a more efficient rear diffuser. In addition, Rapide E got a new grille. It is argued that the changes improved the aerodynamics electric supercar by 8% compared to gasoline model. The main difference in the cabin was a digital dash instead of analog pointers.

Place six-liter V12 was given to the battery pack, which consists of 5,600 cells and “wrapped” in a capsule of composite materials and Kevlar. 65-kilowatt battery provides Rapide E a power reserve of more than 300 km (WLTP cycle), and charge it to 100% using the onboard device can be about 3 hours.

Powerplant Aston Martn Rapide E consists of two electric motors and both located on the rear axle. The total return of engines of 610 HP and 950 Nm, and according to this indicator, electric Rapide E surpasses even the “charged” Rapide AMR. To 100 km/h electric car accelerates in less than 4 seconds and from 80 km/h to 110 km/h – just a half.

The creators of the supercar declare that to retain the capacity for efficient dispersal Rapide E can regardless of the charging status of the batteries: in any case, it is able to pass the “military” round at the Nurburgring without any losses. It is also noted that the new chassis has been reconfigured with an eye to provide the thrill of handling Rapide E, the identical sensations from petrol Astons.

CEO Andy Palmer has called the emergence of electric Rapide E historic step for the company. Apparently, it is for this reason circulation Rapide E will be very small – only 155 copies. To produce electric car the British are going at the new plant in St. Athanasios, and the price will be announced only interested buyers.