Aston Martin revealed details about the new engine

Aston Martin revealed details about the new engine


The company Aston Martin has revealed details about the new engine for the line of mid-engined supercars, the beginning of which put the model of Valhalla. This supercharged “six”, which consists of hybrid plants, became the first self-developed unit of the British manufacturer since 1968.

New V-twin engine with the internal designation TM01, turbocharging and a displacement of 3.0 liters is named in honor of Tadeusz “he’s not” Marek, a Polish minder, developed in the 1950s and 1960s some of the key components for Aston Martin. According to the manufacturer, “six” will be part of the electrified powertrain – a regular or a rechargeable from the mains, – and its total return will vary depending on the model. However, in any case, the hybrid V6 will be the most powerful in the current line of “Aston”.


Developing a new engine, the engineers used the experience gained in the design of the Valkyrie. All the elements of the motor are tightly linked, the turbochargers are placed in the collapse of the block under the “Hot-V”, using “dry” lubrication system. This configuration allowed us to make the unit quite compact and light – its total weight is less than 200 pounds. With this in terms of harmful emissions “six” corresponds to standards “Euro-7”, implementation of which is planned for 2025.

The first Aston Martin, which will receive a new hybrid propulsion system, will be the supercar Valhalla, scheduled to debut in 2022. One of the features of the model – spoiler FlexFoil technology, tested by NASA for the business jet, the Gulfstream III in 2014. The solution is an adaptive trailing edge capable of using hydraulic actuators to change the shape of the profile instead of tilting the whole plane.

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