Aston Martin started production of crossover DBX

Aston Martin started production of crossover DBX

New factory Aston Martin in Saint Athanasios released the first car – party DBX crossovers rolled off the production line in Wales in preparation for the full launch of production in the first half of 2020.

Aston Martin production model DBX have not yet submitted, but has already started production of the first in its history crossover. However, speech while goes only about the pre-production prototypes that are used to debug all processes at the new plant in St. Athanasios. Complete Assembly of machines for sale will only start next year.

Meanwhile, the former base of the British armed forces goes through the final phase of the transformation in the automobile. In Wales Aston Martin, in addition to DBX, also intends to produce small-scale electric vehicle Rapid E. By 2021 on the conveyor as well stand electric brand Lagonda, but as yet the details about this.

Now to Saint Athanasios Aston Martin has created 200 new jobs and expansion of production there will be work for another 550 employees. Mark noted that the plant is enabled to employ at least 3,000 people at the local factories, supplying components for production of cars.

While serial Aston Martin DBX is little known. At the start of sales of the crossover will appear only with a 4-liter turbocharged V8 producing Mercedes-AMG, and later to be released version with the V12. Then the range of modifications will expand the hybrid execution, which likely also will use power plant Mercedes-Benz. It is possible appearance and sports version DBX, although it is not confirmed officially.

Premiere production version of the British crossover will take place before the end of 2019. The probability of debut of the Aston Martin DBX for the show in Frankfurt in September, insiders assessed as low, and most likely a place of public demonstration of a novelty called the auto show in Los Angeles in November. It is also possible that Aston Martin DBX and it will be presented at a separate event to the media’s attention was focused only on this car.