Aston Martin to give up “mechanics” in 2022

Aston Martin to give up “mechanics” in 2022


The British luxury car maker has noted a lack of customer interest in manual transmissions and will stop making cars with manual transmissions starting next year.

The British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin plans to completely abandon the production of cars on “mechanics” in 2022. The CEO of the brand Tobias Moers told about this in an interview.

Initially, the company intended to produce a Vanquish supercar including a manual transmission, but now plans have changed – buyers, according to Moers, increasingly prefer automatic cars. Therefore, neither the Vanquish nor the restyled V8 Vantage AMR will have manual transmissions.

You need to understand that sports cars have changed a lot, ”Moers added, referring to the company’s abandonment of the MCP.

At the same time, in fact, sales of cars with automatic transmission by themselves dropped slightly (by 1.1%), but against the background of a general market decline by 3.2%, their share just increased.

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