Aston Martin will give the AMG?

Aston Martin will give the AMG?


The company Aston Martin because of the coronavirus were in a very difficult situation: firm incurs serious losses, as stock prices steadily fall. According to the Financial Times, investors, Aston Martin has sounded the alarm and prepared the radical reshuffle.

They include, for example, Lawrence Stroll, not long ago announced a major investment in the development of the company and has acquired about 20% of the shares (which allowed him to become Chairman of Aston Martin).

According to some reports, the current Director Andy Palmer, who has managed brands in the past six years, unable to dismiss. And his place is Tobias Moers, at the moment – head of Mercedes-AMG. It is alleged that the person Moers attracts investors for its success in the development of the AMG sub-brand, which he managed to achieve in recent years.


The consequence of this rotation can be further “interpenetration” of Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin. The British actively used in their models, say, engines of German origin, but if the leadership of the brand will give Tobias Moers, borrowing of technology can become even more ambitious.

It is worth noting that Aston Martin still prefer not to go into details, saying that the reform of the management team is indeed possible, and many expect official statements to be made in the case taking any decisions. Himself Andy Palmer declined to comment.

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