Aston Martin will release a series of exclusive motorcycles

Aston Martin will release a series of exclusive motorcycles


The British automaker announced the beginning of cooperation with company Brough Superior for building your first bike.

For the first time in the history of the Aston Martin model range of the brand will be something with less than 4 wheels. The company intends, in cooperation with specialists Brough Superior produce limited edition motorcycles, and the first public demonstration of a novelty will take place in early October at the Milan international motorcycle.

For the construction of the first of its more than 100-year history of motorcycle Aston Martin Lagonda, the British needed the help of the British, which were popular before the Second World war. Stories of the company’s Brough Superior at the time was nicknamed the “Rolls-Royce of motorcycles”, and partly because they were more expensive at home.


For Aston Martin kind of cooperation is nothing new. 3 years ago, the British brand has teamed up with the Dutch shipyard Quintessence Yachts to build luxury boats AM37, and a year later, together with the American company Triton Submarines built concept submersibles Project Neptune. Still later the brand has decided to try his hand in real estate and began to offer clients design the design of the garages.

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