Aston Martin’s First SUV!

Aston Martin’s First SUV!


This is one of my all time favourite car colors. Absolutely stunning in real life. True to Aston Martin form, the interior is chock full of beautiful leather and I was really impressed with the drive. There are a few things though that I’m not a fan of… including the infotainment screen. Check it out guys. You thoughts??Thanks for watching xo Alex#dbx #astonmartin

i push that out and boom i gotcha i thought that was the aston look what’s coming my little sis at the wheel oh my god hey this is my little sister kate everyone she’s like no no i’m gonna drive it not you what’s up guys welcome to the supercar blondie channel we have this the first ever aston martin suv to show you this suv is called the dbx okay so it actually follows the footsteps of for example the rolls royce cullinan you’ve got the bentley ben taker you have the maserati levante and you have the lamborghini aurus then you have this the dbx the latest luxury suv and the first ever suv produced by aston martin now this i love the color i cannot look past the color i was not expecting this car to actually look this good and i think in part i’m very impressed because of this color this is almost like a iridescent blue purple silver solar ish color which is actually called solar satin bronze that is everything in my opinion i love this color and just wait until you see the color of the interior love love love let me talk to you a little bit about what makes this suv different from all the other luxury suvs on the market first of all it matches my hair and my shoes so we’re good going so far this is what i’m going to do from now on just like dye my hair to the color of the car that i’m reviewing can we get that arranged this is probably a standout feature design wise as it goes all the way up like this you’ll notice that that’s quite similar to the vantage it has that kind of shape that’s what i call it you’ve got the aston martin and big letters across the back just so everyone behind you knows what you are driving you’ve got the exhaust pipes here so one on this side one on this side and what i like about this is it opens with gesture control which i love so this is a peek into the boot there’s nice space in here and it’s all very luxe nice leather here as well literally this car is full of leather you guys i think that’s probably one of its usps but it is just so so super luxe i’m loving these rims as well you get 22-inch standard rims on the dbx i’ve never seen this design detail on a rim before i love this this is gorgeous you’ve got nice flush is what they call in the industry flush handles so that means basically that they don’t poke out from the car they actually fold in nicely with the body of the car you’ve got all the heat coming out from the tire area through here and around the front you guys is the first time you’re seeing it so come on around here so you can see it from my perspective you’ve got this huge front grille which i always reminds me of a whale shark the whale sharks mouth open for some weird reason and what is so interesting is that the aston martin badge is bigger than they’ve ever put on an aston martin before on every single aston martin model the badge size is different so this is actually an air vent you guys that goes straight into that wheel area to cool down the brakes and around here you’ve got the daytime running lights which is quite nice here on the bonnet you’ve got these kind of silver fins which i have not seen before sure i actually really like that what do you guys think look wise it’s not a very big suv it’s quite compact it looks quite sporty because you’ve got this line kind of this curved line that comes down like this it’s not just a square that runs along the top and then cuts off here you’ve got this beautiful kind of sporty line this is the key and look what you can do if you press this button right here watch what happens boom that actually acts as a key holder so i think that’s really practical i love that design the other thing you can do with this is if you press it down for longer so james bond isn’t it it’s your spare key that’s hidden nicely away so you can pop that back in imagine if this was actually like a little needle with poison in the end and that could be my little james bond moment i pushed that out and boom i gotcha let’s unlock him you have to push in the front and pull out and actually i don’t like that handle at all i think it’s super impractical i’m not a massive fan you can see this very slightly is it has this very slight butterfly wing door effect where it doesn’t come out just straight it actually comes out with a bit of an incline and that is on all aston martins they actually curve upwards just slightly and that is so that you don’t kind of hit it on any kind of concrete barriers that you may have parked next to or whatever look how much of the door panel actually comes out when you open it all of this comes out and that wraps around the bottom of the car you see this the whole way down the reason for that is when you open up say you’ve been off-roading or whatever and you’ve got dirt here alongside the car you open that and the dirt actually comes with the door so that when you get in all of this is clean and so you’re not scraping like mud on your jeans or whatever so i really like that feature i am in love with this interior in love it is so luxe you guys the first thing i notice is leather absolutely everywhere everywhere you look there is leather look even the handles you guys these handles leather instead of something like metal or plastic you’ve got leather handles literally everywhere you look you have leather and that is what i love every time i get into an aston martin it feels so luxe you guys i love this material here it’s like woven bronze beautiful i’ve only seen it in woven steel before but not this bronzy color which i absolutely love it contrasts so beautifully with the leather you’ve even got leather over the speakers that would usually be cut off in some kind of you know chrome or steel but it’s all leather all of this as well you’ve got the nice little aston martin dbx sign as you step in this key slots in here but it doesn’t really slot they’ve made a key holder but the key doesn’t fit properly what i would love is if they did the same thing as you have on the vanquish for example you actually slot the key into the start stop area there’s like a little slot there and then you push to start the car that would have been cool i reckon here and what you can do is with this button right here you can switch the modes which is very important because it means that you can actually get the best sound out of it so i’m going to switch it into sports plus sports plus and now let’s hear whether it sounds like an aston martin should sounds really really good doesn’t it it really sounds great i can’t wait to take this out and just test that how much of a google you get when you’re actually driving it’s actually borrowed a four liter twin turbo v8 from amg the other things that it’s borrowed is all of this like a screen and all of these buttons this is kind of a mercedes-benz setup with this and now what disappointed me was when i first came in here i was going to touch the screen to do stuff but it doesn’t have touch screen it’s got an old instrument panel where you kind of need to use this dial to do anything which is i think very old school and if you’re going to pay this kind of money i want at least a touch screen come look at where all of these drive neutral reverse and p buttons are look how far forward i need to reach to put it into drive and what’s interesting is you would put in to drive probably the most out of any of these and it’s the furthest away from you from the wheel it’s all the way over here and the reason for that is because of course aston martin is made in the uk so people would be sitting on this side to drive so they’ve not reconfigured all of the buttons for the left hand drive cars one thing that i love is this right here look at this space this is perfect for a handbag and it’s got a space here to put your phone another thing i love is this steering wheel it’s very sporty because it’s quite compact it’s quite nice and neat and small i really like that and of course it has leather on it there is literally leather everywhere it is crazy come on in there is a massive massive sunroof one panel of glass and you get the best perspective from the back seat there’s no panel separating it here in the middle and i love that that is beautiful wow the quality of the leather the design detail here with the stitching i think is beautiful you’ve got this here in the middle for your back passengers so you can put your drinks in here what i also like is this right here seems like such a small detail but i think this is just super sporty the same with these come down like this that’s gorgeous and you’ve got little pockets here for the back seat passengers we just got a thumbs up from someone driving by he’s like yeah oh yeah i love the suv let’s go for a drive um yes that is zippy holy moly i did not expect that it feels faster than what it says it is zero to 104.5 seconds that took off you can feel that it’s a rear-wheel drive though because it’s not as grippy as i would like at the beginning i was like whoa okay hang on a minute this is crazy get in there is a slight lag but really it’s it’s very minimal i’m actually quite impressed and you hear how it stays in the high revs for quite some time i actually really like this drive i’m enjoying this a lot it produces 540 horsepower not as much as the lamborghini auris actually more than 100 horsepower less but it is also less expensive i’m just not sure about the look on the exterior what i love about this car is how beautiful the interior is you are literally in the lap of luxury but on the exterior i just don’t think it shouts enough like this is the world’s first suv from aston martin look at me i don’t get that vibe from it it’s a little bit more understated which is fine actually that’s probably what they’re going for what’s cool is if you press the home button here and you go to your options look at what car is displayed that’s the tp5 here guys it’s not the tvx and that’s kind of a nod to aston martin’s history james bond all right guys i hope you like the vid please subscribe to the channel we’ve just hit 5 million subscribers that has blown my mind you guys rock you mean the world to me honestly you really do thank you so so much for watching and join the fam if you haven’t yet hit the subscribe button and if you have subscribed hit the notifications button you do not want to be the last to see one of these incredible cars that i’m reviewing all right guys i think i’m out i think i have a bit of fun with this car love you bye

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