At last! Tesla officially opened a plant in Berlin

At last! Tesla officially opened a plant in Berlin


Tesla has finally completed its Gigafactory near the German capital. In honor of the grand opening, a party was held, the guests of which were several thousand people.

However, the company is not working yet, as it simply does not have a permit. According to rumors, it will appear only in November. It is likely that the remaining time will be carried out spot tuning and equipment commissioning.

The Model Y crossovers will be the first to roll off the Giga Berlin assembly line. It is promised that the first buyers will be able to get them in December this year. By the end of 2022, from 5 to 10 thousand electric cars will leave the gates of the plant every week. In addition, it is also planned to produce batteries of the 4680 format here, but this will not happen immediately, and in the first stages, not the newest 2170s will be installed in the machines.

However, this is not all. According to official sources, the Berlin Model Y will undergo a restyling, where the main external change will be adaptive headlights. A little later, the assembly of such an electric car will be set up at a production facility in Austin, Texas.

Recall that the company now supplies its products from a factory in China. In the absence of an alternative, Giga Shanghai exports its products to the detriment of the domestic market, due to which Tesla’s sales in the Middle Kingdom have collapsed significantly. The new German site should solve the problem of the shortage of cars.

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