At Peugeot there was a commercial van on electric

At Peugeot there was a commercial van on electric


Van e-Expert cover their characteristics most of the daily needs of shippers.

Peugeot has launched a program of electrification of their commercial line, not in a vacuum: the struggle of European countries for the improvement in the atmosphere sooner or later will lead to the fact that access to the centres of cities to cars with internal combustion engines will be closed. Then the local carriers will be forced to switch to electric.

According to the research firm, the vast majority of them are not rides per workday and three hundred kilometers. Therefore, van Peugeot e-Expert will not be able to boast of a fabulous reserve, but its ability more than cover the needs of potential buyers. The most affordable version of the van will be offered with a 50-kilowatt battery, which will provide him a mileage of 200 km cycle WLTP, and for a fee you can get electrovan with the battery at 70 kW and the ability to travel without recharging up to 300 km.


It is argued that the only visible difference between e-Expert’s counterparts with internal combustion engines will become mains sockets for charging batteries on the left front fender. The rest of the functionality of the van after the transfer to electric traction was not injured.

Novelty sales in Europe start in the second half of 2020-th year. And by 2021-mu Peugeot plans to bring to market electrical modifications all their commercial models.

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