At the auction exhibited convertible Chrysler Creator of the Ford Mustang

At the auction exhibited convertible Chrysler Creator of the Ford Mustang


Auction house Bonhams next week will hold an auction where the hammer will let Chrysler LeBaron convertible owned by Lee Iacocca. This model, together with some other front wheel drive cars managed to save the company from bankruptcy.

In 1982, when the car appeared on the market, Iacocca commercials, said: “If you can find a machine better than this – buy it.” And he was right. Exactly LeBaron with the rest of the car built on a front-drive platform, helped Iacocca to save Chrysler from bankruptcy, won recognition and love of the drivers of the time.

Now at the auction put personal copy LeBaron Iacocca 1986 release. The car mileage is only 32 thousands of miles on the body no sign of rust and even digital sensors work as well as 34 years ago.

Another unique feature of this instance is the body. Version LeBaron Town&Country with the soft-top are extremely rare for all the production from the pipeline company came down only 1105 copies with a folding roof.


Before the start of trading is difficult to estimate how much will eventually leave the historical model. Experts previously estimated Bonhams lot in 20-25 thousand dollars, but given the history of the car and its condition, most likely the final price tag will be much higher.

Lee Iacocca was one of the best top managers in the automotive industry, as well as the Creator of the iconic sports car Ford Mustang. After retiring from Ford, he was offered the position of head of Chrysler, who was then on the verge of bankruptcy. Iacocca managed to align the financial position of the company and even return to the United States government a loan of 1.2 billion dollars over seven years prior to the deadline. He died on 2 July 2019 at the age of 94 years.

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