At the auction exhibited the DeLorean hovercraft

At the auction exhibited the DeLorean hovercraft


The auction house Bring a Trailer was put up for auction a hovercraft-style DeLorean DMC-12. At the time of writing the news the cost of the lot was 5555 dollars.

To develop waterfowl DeLorean started in 2008, and construction was completed in 2012. Over the top design, based on the ship Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT, installed a homemade body. He repeats the shape of the iconic car from Back to the future. The owner even chose the suitable paint color for giving greater similarity with the original model.


The vessel is equipped with a single cylinder motor and screw on the 24-inch and 2-cylinder, 627-CC unit. It is also equipped with lifting doors, as the concept of the film.

The description says that the ship is able to accelerate to 50 km/h on the water surface, but only in calm water in good weather conditions it is not recommended to arrange the trip, as the sheets can delaminate, and a translucent “skirt” that allows the ship to hover, to damage.

Do you think for how much you will be able to sell the car?

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