At the EICMA motorcycle show presented scooter Yamaha TMAX 560 2020

At the EICMA motorcycle show presented scooter Yamaha TMAX 560 2020


For the seventh iteration of the scooter Yamaha TMAX over the past 20 years, the manufacturer has already sold more than 275 000 units of TMAX in the world. Now Yamaha TMAX 560 2020 is the most powerful and sporty for the history of the line.

Scooter Yamaha TMAX 560 562 2020 is equipped with a CC engine. By increasing the diameter of 2 mm, the engineers increased the displacement by 6%. The motor complies with the Euro5 standard, and thanks to a new piston and rods was able to reduce the mass by 1%. Despite the tougher standard of harmful exhaust, the engine power increased by 3.5 percent (about 47 HP), torque 6% (approximately 55.5 Nm).

Engineers have additionally spent a lot of time optimizing variator Yamaha TMAX 560, which now provides a more efficient transmission of power. In addition, I tried to create the effect of long balls to ensure a comfortable cruise speed and improve the acceleration due to the CVT.


The planned updates are also remade the rear part of the body kit changed the suspension setup. Among other features of the scooter, note the led turn signals integrated kit LCD cleaning. In the basic configuration available and switchable traction control.

The scooter weighs 217 kg Fuel tank capacity 15 liters.

More luxury model Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560 (handle and seat heating, adjustable rear suspension, cruise control) will appear on the market in early 2020.

I would buy myself a scooter?

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