At the Great Wall decided on the date of the market debut of pickups P-Series


Prototype of a future line of pickups P-Series it was possible to meet you in June at the auto show in Shenzhen. Now the company announced the imminent start of sales of new pickup trucks: to execute orders dealers will begin August 18.

Since the middle of this month the people of China will be able to pre-order the pickups from a new line of P-Series. And here is the first commodity cars will fall into the hands of buyers only in early autumn. Meanwhile, the Chinese Ministry of industry publishes photos of several versions of production Great Wall P-Series. These pickups differ from the previously shown concept. For example, they got a new logo and a redesigned grille. It is known that in the model range of Great Wall P-Series will include commercial cars with single-row cabin, and luxury versions with five-seater salon and “off-road” kit.


In addition, customers will have access to a “stretched” version of the pickup 602 with a length of 5 mm, a width of 1 883 mm, with a height of 1 882 mm and a wheelbase of 3 470 mm. For comparison, the standard pickup truck has the following dimensions: 5 410/1 934/1 886/3 230 mm. the size of the cargo platform is 1520/1520/538 mm.

In motion Great Wall P-Series brings a two-liter gasoline turbo engine capacity of 197 horsepower and is paired with 6МКПП or eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. All-wheel drive available as an option. According to preliminary data, the most affordable truck P-Series in the Chinese dealers will have to pay 108 800 yuan (15 $ 400). The new line of pickups will get to our country.

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