At the January passenger car market growth and new leader

At the January passenger car market growth and new leader


January 2020 was very successful for car dealers. So, according to AUTO-Consulting, the efforts of all operators managed to implement more than 7 thousand new cars, which is 33% higher than a year earlier. In the two-digit “pros” almost all the major automobile brands, which gives grounds to count on a very successful year.

But competition in January reached a high degree. So, the leadership in the Ukrainian market in the first month of the newly regained Toyota, whose sales increased by 81%. The assets of Toyota and another win. The Japanese brand has shifted from the position of the best selling models from two competitors – the Renault Duster and KIA Sportage. Now the status of the most sold cars on the Ukrainian market belongs to Toyota RAV4.

Renault was able to oppose the onslaught of the Japanese sales growth is 29%, which was slightly below market, but allowed to stay in the lead and to go beyond 1000 cars sold. Actively stated their claims to leadership and Nissan. The Japanese brand increased its January sales by 25%, which allowed him for the second month in a row to become No. 3.


Grew by 27% and sales at Skoda, which gave the dealers of the Czech brand around Kia. But the record growth in the Top 10 in January was the Peugeot. The French increased its sales by almost 3 times and consistently took 4.6% of all sales. Significantly increased sales in January, and Mitsubishi. Now “diamonds” is not only back in the Top 10, but surpassed many major competitors.

January was a lucky year for Mercedes-Benz. The German brand not only regained the # 1 status among premium brands, but also boosted sales from 53%. And Mercedes-Benz GLE entered the Top 20 leaders in sales among models.

Well formed beginning of the year and for Chinese brands. Thus, Chery has already reached a decent volume of sales and increased from last year the implementation of 66%. A brand Haval added in sales in 7 times. Grow the sales of another Chinese brand FAW.


This optimistic start to the year allows road operators to build grandiose plans for the active business season 2020. It seems that the market has started according to the most optimistic scenario.

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