At the price of Skoda Octavia: introduced an inexpensive electric sedan Renault

At the price of Skoda Octavia: introduced an inexpensive electric sedan Renault


The new Renault Jiangling Yi is an electric alternative to the Megane sedan. The electric car turned out to be relatively inexpensive, but in some countries it will be available only in taxis and car sharing.

The first official photos of Renault Jiangling Yi are presented. The electric car enters the Chinese market at a very low price of 139,800 – 195,800 yuan ($ 21,600-30,300).

Renault’s electric car will also be available outside China, but in 2022 under a different name – Mobilize Limo. Moreover, in the European Union, for example, it will not be possible to buy it – they plan to supply electric cars only to taxi and car sharing services.

The new Renault Jiangling Yi is a coupe-like sedan with a swift profile. In terms of size, it belongs to the C-class and is comparable to the four-door Renault Megane:

  • Length – 4675 mm
  • Width – 1835 mm
  • Height – 1480 mm
  • Wheelbase – 2750 mm

In the cabin, the virtual instrument panel is grouped into one block with a multimedia touchscreen display. The developers emphasize that Renault Jiangling Yi has a large legroom in the second row, and for the rear passengers there are also ventilation vents, USB connectors and even its own audio control unit. Trunk volume is 411 liters.

Renault electric car is very richly equipped: in the “base” – 8 airbags, all-round cameras, adaptive cruise control, as well as automatic braking systems, traffic sign recognition, lane control and blind spots.

At first, they will offer a modification with one 150-horsepower engine and a cruising range of 500 km. From November, the range will be expanded with an all-wheel drive twin-engine version with a capacity of 231 liters. with. It can travel 450 km without recharging and accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds.

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