Atelier Hennessey introduced the world to a new sports car

Atelier Hennessey introduced the world to a new sports car


Recently, the tuning house Hennessey has introduced several packages of improvements for the new Ford Shelby GT500 2020.


Sports car the production version equipped with the V8 supercharged with dedication 760 HP and 847 Nm of torque. But the American tuners were able to increase this indicator to the level 850 HP and 983 Nm due to the kit Venom 850. This kit increases the power of the Shelby GT500 1000 HP and 1 152 Nm of torque.

But that’s not all, best offer is a Venom 1200, with which designers Hennessey squeezed out of the 5.2-liter unit. His figures make the car the main rival of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Thus, the power unit with a package of modifications from Hennessey has a capacity of 1 200 HP, and 1 356 Nm of torque, with the proviso that the engine will run on E85 or race fuel. In order to achieve such performance, the tuner installed it on V8 twin turbos and used a modern fuel system. In addition, a more powerful pistons and connecting rods. Upgrading was subjected to a 7 –speed automatic transmission.

Changes, and external vehicle data. So, the body will make the icons indicating the presence of a package of improvements. In addition, the owners will become owners of an individual with a number plate on the dashboard, signed by John and the serial plate in the engine compartment.

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