Atelier Hennessey is preparing a “package” of upgrades to electric car Porsche Taycan

Atelier Hennessey is preparing a “package” of upgrades to electric car Porsche Taycan


American Atelier Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) has presented a package of improvements for an electric Porsche Taycan. In the initial phase, the company decided to limit cosmetic changes to the exterior and the cabin, and the increase in power promised to think about it later.

The project for upgrading of Porsche Taycan became HP’s first experience with electric car. “We’ve been planning to start to do something c carts, says founder and CEO John Hennessy and Porsche Taycan is a perfect platform for our first project in this area.” While improvements are very simple: new wheels, tires, decor in the cabin and more aggressive bumpers. Power tuning aside, so as to assess its reasonableness.


The first electric Porsche – Taycan – debuted in early September. The presentation took place simultaneously in Germany, China and Canada. While the Germans have only presented the most powerful modification sedan: Turbo and Turbo S. the Name not only reflects the current nomenclature of titles, but also connect models with the gadgets, where the word Turbo is often synonymous with the phrase “faster”. The name Taycan is derived from two Turkic words: tay – “foal” and can “soul.” However, a rough translation of the Japanese taikan – “physical experience” – too perfectly to the description of the first electric Porsche.

Both versions Taycan Porsche has two electric motors, the rear two-step gear and the traction battery with an available capacity of 93.4 per kilowatt-hour. Power plant the Turbo-version – 680 forces, the Turbo S – 761 power and 1050 Nm of torque. The base sedan is gaining a hundred in 3.2 seconds. Its maximum travel 450 kilometers. Top Taycan Turbo S accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds and a single charge can travel 412 miles. The maximum speed of both versions is the same – 260 kilometers per hour.

In Ukraine Taycan Turbo is 158 $ 100, Turbo S – 191 $ 600.

What impressed You most Taycan?

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