Atelier TRD has improved the new Supr

Atelier TRD has improved the new Supr


Specialists of the” court ” tuning Studio of Toyota Motor company-Toyota Racing Development (TRD) – presented a number of improvements for the Supra model.

Thanks to the TRD tuning package, the Toyota Supra sports car has front and rear struts, which are made of aluminum. They were installed to increase the torsional rigidity of the body. As a result, not only the responsiveness of the car’s steering should increase, but also the driving comfort.

So, they ask for 250 thousand yen for spacers, and at least 340 thousand yen will have to be paid for finalizing the release system. TRD specialists also offer branded visual improvements to the GR series: a rear diffuser (370 thousand yen), sills (160 thousand yen) and a trunk lid spoiler (200 thousand yen).

This year, Toyota decided to repeat its experience of last year and release the Supra sports car in a convertible body. Last time, the brand introduced a car called the Supra Heritage Edition, the purpose of which was to remind fans of the model what the Supra looked like in the A80 body. Now the automaker is going to introduce fans to the Supra A90 convertible, which will look like a third-generation Supra. At the same time, the roof this time will be removed in two separate panels and will not leave lintels, as it was with the original model.

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