“Atlant-M” will ask Volkswagen’s Volkswagen at VolkswagenWeekend


Friends, the Volkswagen brand in Ukraine has the style of new products, which we simply can’t get through, we can’t share them with you!

Identity, “Atlant-M” I will ask Volkswagen vlasniks at Volkswagen Weekend 13 worms from 10.00 to 18.00 to the Sobi Club complex, at once:

  • Appreciate the recently presented new Volkswagen T-Cross. Tiguan. Golf 8 generation, Passat and Caddy
  • protesting on the asphalt and without traffic and our tests of cars
  • take a look at the number of Volkswagen cars, you will be able to see the nature at the same time
  • otrimat corrisní for the theoretical contravary training for the water (ear about 11.00 to 15.00)
  • it’s wonderful to spend a day in the garnishing company of a loved brand.

OBOVYAZKOVA IN FRONT RESTRICTION to guide the entry with the registration certificate on a Volkswagen car:

050 334 13 15 (09.00 – 18.00)

Quite a piece is bounded.

Sobi Club addresses: Vishgorodsky district, 1000 m from the Kiev HES in the direction of the village. Khotyanivka.

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