Atlis XT Electropicap: Updated before birth

Atlis XT Electropicap: Updated before birth


Every self-respecting manufacturer of electric cars wants to have an electric pickup truck in its model line today. Young startups are not far behind them. The promising firm Atlis from the USA not only developed its own electric pickup, but also managed to modernize it.

American startup Atlis has been preparing Its debut model – the battery – powered XT pickup truck-to enter the market since last year. On the Assembly line, the new product should be launched next year, and the manufacturer decided to use the remaining time to improve its “firstborn”. The changes affected the appearance of the new product.

The design of the Atlas XT was considered successful even without interference-stylish, catchy, a little futuristic, but at the same time brutal. Now it has become even more organic, and most importantly – “selling”. Up to a hundred electric pickup will accelerate in five seconds, and its power reserve, depending on the modification, varies from 480 to 800 kilometers.

It is not reported whether the interior of the pickup truck has changed. Perhaps the Americans could work on the finishing materials.

All versions of the Atlas XT pickup truck will receive four electric motors at once (one for each wheel). Their total output will be 609 HP.

The first deliveries of pickups should begin closer to 2022. For the most affordable Atlas XT, you will have to pay 45 thousand dollars.

Earlier, it became known about the beginning of sales of the updated Geely Farizon FX pickup truck, which is based on the modern Geely Atlas Pro crossover. The front part is very similar to what we see in the donor, and the interior completely copies it.

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