“Auction of unprecedented generosity”: the customs warehouse is selling the car

“Auction of unprecedented generosity”: the customs warehouse is selling the car


Based on the information provided, most of the cars are in storage, Slobozhansky customs.

The owner of the cars behind them and did not return, and so their fate had the search for a new owner or owners who show more initiative in possession of quite interesting cars.

It should be noted that the proceeds are planning to send to the Ukrainian budget, and after repair work of roads, hospitals and schools, which clearly need to improve their condition.


Acceptance of quotations on all auctions scheduled until may 3. If a person wants to fork and become the new proud owner of a car or cars, then he has the ability to pre-inspection of the vehicle.

If you go to the most interesting offer, we will present the top 5 suggestions with the purchase of a car that presented itself Customs:

  1. BMW 525D 2005 model year, engine size – 2.5 l, diesel (starting price – 217,08 thousand UAH);
  2. Audi A4 2004 2.5 l, diesel (202,56 thousand UAH);
  3. Nissan Teana 2005 2.3 l petrol (177,48 thousand UAH);
  4. Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Regular Cab Rwd 4L 2007, 4 l, gasoline (173,16 thousand UAH);
  5. Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Rwd Regular Cab 3L 2007, 3 l, gasoline (163,56 thousand UAH).

It is not excluded that deals with these cars will be in great demand, because the lots are the models that almost certainly have excellent quality, despite the fact that some of them have become available to motorists for quite some time.


This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian car enthusiasts cherish a pretty big love for cars, because the latter has long been known for their outstanding performance, durability and relative affordability, if you buy a used car.

Nevertheless, the presented rates on cars can deter even the most avid fans of foreign automobile industry, and therefore we cherish the hope that in the process of the auction buyers will be lucky and the price will not go up and down.

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