Audi 4 e-tron got on the conveyor belt

Audi 4 e-tron got on the conveyor belt


The Audi Q4 e-tron SUV is important for the “four rings”, as it will act as “the entry ticket to the world of premium electric vehicles at an attractive price”. And it is also the first electric crossover from Audi to be produced in Germany (remember, the big e-tron is made in Belgium and China). Today the company announced the launch of series production of the Q4 at Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant, which has since become multi-brand.

In Zwickau, the Q4 shares the lines with the Volkswagen ID.4 platform crossover. Pilot production of ID.5 began there in February.

The start of Q4 production in Zwickau is called by Audi an excellent example of synergy, interaction between Audi and Volkswagen. Back in November, more than 200 employees of “rings” were transferred to this plant for training for a year. More than a hundred people from Audi were involved in organizing the production. And factories in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm were involved in the supply of tools.

The plant in Zwickau fully covers its energy needs from renewable sources, and for the Audi Q4 itself, the company is working on options for disposing of batteries after the end of their life with the extraction of raw materials or converting them for use in other areas (stationary storage).

The company showed the model only in disguise, and the interior of the “Ku-fourth” has already been officially declassified.

The premiere of the Audi Q4 e-tron crossover is scheduled for mid-April, and its entry into European markets is scheduled for summer 2021. Later, the electric car company will be a coupe-like relative of the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron. They will become a real pillar in the growing electrification of the brand. Just last month, the brand’s portfolio expanded to include the Audi e-tron GT sedan on the J1 bogie from Taikan, and in 2022 the first model based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, developed in conjunction with Porsche, will enter the assembly line in Ingolstadt. >

“Audi plans to launch more than 20 all-electric models and expand its range of plug-in PHEV hybrids by 2025,” the manufacturer adds.

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