Audi agrees with BYD to supply batteries for electric cars

Audi agrees with BYD to supply batteries for electric cars


The reason for these talks was the shortage of batteries, which the German mark was forced to slow down production of its all-electric crossover Audi E-Tron.

The German company Audi is in talks with Chinese BYD on the supply of batteries for its electric cars. On it informs Agency Bloomberg, adding that during the dialogue the parties are already exploring options for more extensive cooperation. This can be the creation of a new joint venture or buying a stake in BYD. While media reports that BYD in talks to supply batteries to other automakers. So there is no absolute guarantee that the Chinese company will sign an agreement with Audi.


In the event that the parties fail to agree, the Chinese will supply battery packs electric models based on the architecture of the VW Group Premium Platform Electric (PPE). This, for example, Porsche Taycan and serial Audi E-Tron GT.

Experts believe that, signed a deal with Audi, BYD, the Chinese will win on many fronts. In General this “celestial” manufacturer’s business is booming due to the explosive demand for environmentally friendly transportation.

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