Audi and Volkswagen unusual way reminded of the need to keep a distance

Audi and Volkswagen unusual way reminded of the need to keep a distance


Volkswagen and Audi have posted a video with their new logo, which has temporarily changed. Audi rings “dispersed” in different directions, and between the letters V and W in the logo of Volkswagen appeared in the distance. Thus the German automakers have urged people to keep a distance between each other, to avoid being infected with coronavirus.

Pandemic coronavirus has dealt a serious blow to the automotive industry. Global car sales collapsed, production stopped. Automakers contribute to the fight against the Chinese virus-some want to convert their premises for temporary hospitals, while others donate millions, others help to produce medical equipment.

Audi and Volkswagen, in turn, figured out how to encourage people to social responsibility. They temporarily changed the logo and published the new logo in the social networks with the slogan “keep your distance”. Distance of two meters, can protect from infection COVID-2019.

An outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei province, in late December. Just two months later, the disease has spread throughout the world. As of 25 March was 422 thousand cases of infection, 18.9 thousand people were killed.

As of morning March 25 on the territory of Ukraine has already recorded 113 cases of the disease.

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