Audi e-tron S: the best crossover for drifting?

Audi e-tron S: the best crossover for drifting?


Company Audi has presented the first “charged” electric cars in Europe appeared the top version of the e-tron S and e-tron Sportback’s. New items distinguished three-engine power plant, researched aerodynamics, special chassis tuning, with an emphasis on rear-wheel drive, as well as a drift mode.

Technically and Audi e-tron’s, and his kupeobrazny version e-tron Sportback’s identical: “charged” electric drives powerplant peak performance of up to 503 horsepower and 973 lb-ft of torque. Such features are available only for eight seconds during overboost and allow electrocreaser to accelerate from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour.


Under normal conditions, three-engine installation on the family e-tron’s delivers 435 HP and 808 Nm of torque and 75 horsepower and 247 lb more than the “normal” e-tron quattro 55. Traction battery all electrocreaser the same – with a capacity of 95 kWh.

It is logical that the “Eski” inferior in reserve less-powerful versions – autonomy reaches 359 kilometers of the e-tron’s, kupeobrazny e-tron Sportback’s passing five miles. For the “normal” Audi e-tron claimed mileage of 400 kilometers without recharging on the same cycle WLTP.

Since the e-tron’s pair of motors mounted on the rear axle, and each motor drives one wheel, the crossover system torque vectoring. In the usual “Eski” rear-wheel drive, front electric motor is connected only when wheelspin of the rear wheels. But in Sport mode the connection of the front axle does not occur, so the e-tron’s can perform controlled drifts.

Gambling controllability contributes retuned adaptive air suspension – if necessary, the clearance can be reduced by 76 millimeters. Another feature of the e-tron S – active aerodynamics. Front air intakes are only for the cooling of the brakes or components of a full drive, the rest of the time the blinds are closed to reduce air resistance.


According to tradition, the S-version has distinctive features: enlarged to 23 mm wheel arches, more aggressive bumpers, 20 – or 21-inch wheels and enhanced brakes with sectionseven mechanisms. In the basic version the calipers are black and adorned with logo-S, surcharge details are painted in orange color and labeling e-tron. In addition, the cabin is fitted with sports seats, leather Nappa, and front panel and door cards decorated with inlays of carbon fiber or brushed aluminum.

In Europe taking orders for the Audi e-tron S and e-tron Sportback’s already started. In the UK, the e-tron’s estimated at 87 thousand pounds, the e-tron Sportback’s more expensive than 1,700 pounds. Prices on basic e-tron quattro 50 in the United Kingdom start with 62 thousand pounds.

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