Audi has equipped the A8 smart suspension

Audi has equipped the A8 smart suspension

Standard sportsedan S8 active suspension, capable to change the settings within 0.5 seconds, is now available for the usual variant of the A8.

The new generation Audi S8 presented in the beginning of July, got clever suspension, which is able to take into account the characteristics of the coating in the path of the car and adapt to them.

Standard sports sedan vehicle now as options available for a normal Audi A8 with petrol engines TFSI. The system is designed to improve the handling and comfort of a flagship model.

“Small electric motors, powered by 48-volt electrical system, installed near the wheels and are electronically operated. Gearboxes increase the torque of motors is almost 200 times – up to 1100 Nm and transmit force to the steel tube. It is connected with a titanium rod, able to rotate more than 20 degrees, transferring the force on the suspension: front spring strut, rear for lateral traction”.

Helps front camera that scans the road and prepares the suspension for bumps. The data come 18 times per second, and the mechanisms are capable to raise the body 85 millimeters in just 0.5 seconds.

And the machine can raise the body by 50 millimeters, when it suited passengers – to them it was easier to take the door handle and sit in the lounge.

The new suspension will cost Europe at least € 5450. Order Audi A8 with such equipment will be August 2019.

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