Audi has released an electric version of the smallest SUV Q2

Audi has released an electric version of the smallest SUV Q2

While in Europe and the U.S. the German automaker is trying to conquer the segment of electric vehicles with large and expensive crossover e-tron, specifically designed for China electric version of the Junior SUV, the Audi Q2 L.

Since the basic model Q2 is built on that same modular MQB platform as the hatchback Volkswagen Golf, new electrocreaser unified as much as possible the technique of a rechargeable hatchback e-Golf. On the front axle are installed the same motor with the recoil 136 HP and 290 Nm, and placed under the floor of the cabin of the traction battery boasts a capacity: 38 kWh 36 opposite that of the Golf.

The company said that the new Audi Q2 L e-tron can drive on a single charge of 265 km and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. acceleration to 100 km/h electric car spends 10.2 seconds. Curiously, front-drive electric vehicle applied a variant of the MQB platform with independent rear suspension at the same time as the version with internal combustion engines have is the chassis only with all-wheel drive.

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Visually Audi Q2 electric stands out from the petrol counterparts just nuances: he has a different grille and slightly modified the design of the bumpers, and the interior does not differ from the basic version. The charging connectors are under the same hatch as the gasoline tank mouth, and even in the basic equipment includes led headlights.

The production of new products will be manufactured at the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen, which produces diesel machines. Crossovers have already started to get to Chinese dealers, the cost obyvatelia to the start of sales. But outside of China like the e-tron will not be implemented.

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