Audi introduced a redesigned A4 Allroad

Audi introduced a redesigned A4 Allroad

Premium station wagons can really do it all, being spacious, practical and luxurious, offering decent performance and ground clearance that rivals some SUVs.

Plus, the Audi A4 Allroad is available with the new technology expected from the model, born in Ingolstadt. The model received significant changes outside, which was applied not only to the Allroad, but also to other members of the family A4. We have yet to see a RS4 Avant, but it is expected that the super-wagon will get new headlamps, taillights and bumpers. In addition, the family A4 is a slightly modified side profile with the new edges of the side sills.

This video provided by the company Auditography shows the A4 Allroad model year 2020 in the colour Grey Quantum, and gives us a clearer idea of how the design has changed during the transition to the new model year. The wagon received larger compared to the regular A4 Avant is 35 mm and the ground clearance by 12 mm larger wheels.

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Overall, the A4 Allroad looks more impressive than Avant on which it is based, and this major update introduced the Audi is refreshing the exterior design to such an extent that some will say that this is the next-generation car, not just a face-lifted version. I would like to say the same about the interior, but the tablet on the dashboard is still not touchscreen and has the usual controls.

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