Audi introduced another electric concept

Audi introduced another electric concept


The Ingolstadt concern Audi has declassified the second novelty from the Sphere series – the large electric 4-door coupe Grandsphere, which was announced back in July this year. The length of the car is 5.35 meters with a wheelbase of 3.2 meters, therefore, in terms of dimensions, the car is larger than any of the current Audi, including the A8 L (its length is 5.3 meters).

Externally, the Grandsphere clearly echoes the recently debuted Skysphere concept car, but unlike the coupe-convertible, the Gran Turismo is a coupe-like sedan that can be considered a harbinger of the new A8. The design of the car is made in a unique style, unlike other “Audi”. Not physical nameplates, but backlit images are used as brand logos on the exterior.

The interior stands out for the lack of traditional touch screens, which have replaced projection systems with wood trim panels, and some of the car’s functions can be controlled by gestures. However, physical controls were still needed – Audi decided to keep the climate control washers installed on the door cards.

Audi Grandsphere is declared as a level 4 autopilot, so the steering wheel is optional for it.

At the heart of the sedan is the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) electric platform with two electric motors delivering a total of 721 horsepower (960 Nm). The traction battery capacity of 120 kW / h is enough to provide the Grandsphere with a range of 750 kilometers. From a place to the first “hundred” of the show car, according to the stated data, is capable of accelerating a little less than 4 seconds.

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