Audi is investing around 100 million euros in a private charging station

Audi is investing around 100 million euros in a private charging station


On the way to an electric future and the implementation of the plans for reduction of harmful emissions, Audi has achieved excellent results on their own sites.

By mid-2022 the German premium brand will be equipped with one of the ten Parking spaces capable of charging electric vehicles, most of which will be available to the public. This independent concept is the largest project of the charging infrastructure implemented by the automaker.

Audi plans to install more than 4,500 charging points for vehicles with a battery-powered, thereby contributing to the transition of private vehicles on renewable sources of Energie, said in a press release.

Only at the main plant in Ingolstadt at the end of the implementation targets will be available in 3 500 charging points. In Neckarsulm is planned to create 1,000 charging points, a little less than 100 in Brussels and győr. Similarly, at the plant in San Jose Chiapa will build their own infrastructure charging. In the new project it is planned to invest about 100 million euros.

The concept of charging on such a scale while unique in Germany and requires careful preparation and largely independent of energy management. Therefore, a separate project team from the middle of 2017 prepares and structures the concept of implementation. The basic decision on the electrification of 10% of all Parking spaces was adopted a year earlier. The project team is responsible for planning the overall strategy, investments and concepts, and also manages the construction and operation of infrastructure charging and billing charging procedure at the object Audi.


At venues in Brussels, Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm are already available charging station with total power of 21 MW. This corresponds to the consumption of a small town with 14 thousand inhabitants. This includes 600 of the charging points with output power up to 22 kW and 60 chargers DC with output power from 50 kW to 350 kW. By mid-2022 there will be 4 500 charging points, each with a capacity of up to 22 kW.

In addition, Munich airport has installed equipment from three training centres of Audi. Here are connected to the network largest individual rechargeable Park Audi with a power consumption of 2.1 MW. In connection with the construction of the new building of the ATC IV, the generated solar energy is used for charging in combination with a buffer storage device. The project team also created my own navigation map based on the Google Maps, which allows employees in real time to see where the available charging terminals.

In the presence of charging stations You would have boarded the electric car?

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