Audi may abandon touch screens in cars

Audi may abandon touch screens in cars

The chief designer of Audi Marc Lichte said that touch screens in cars has no future: in 10 years they may disappear altogether. But this is not accurate.

Even some few decades ago in the interiors of our cars had no touch screens. Everything was much simpler: the Central console is decorated odnodnevka radio, which at best was a tiny monochrome display. But progress does not stand still! Pretty soon, instead of monochrome screens in salons appeared colored, and then they gradually began touch.

Some brands touch screens today replaced from the interior, almost all buttons! We have already started to get used to it, but apparently could still return. In an interview with Autocar, Audi chief designer Marc Lichte said that touch screens in cars is quite a dubious future. In 10 years, according to him, the touchscreen may disappear altogether.

However, Lichte used the word “perhaps” to add the feeling of uncertainty in your prediction. According to chief designer of Audi, features numerous touch screens will take the projection display, which over time will become even more advanced. Well, all the other tasks, he says, will be easy to perform using voice control.

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