Audi presented the new Audi A3

Audi presented the new Audi A3


The premium hatch, the final show CD-Quartet Volkswagen Group became larger, more comfortable and, of course, environmentally friendly.

Despite a hint of “hot” modification, Audi began to declassify its pyatidverka with civil versions. With the change of generations of the Audi A3 just added in dimensions: wheelbase remained virtually unchanged and is a 2.64 meters, but the length of the added extra 3 cm to 4.34 m.

Wide hatch sounded the same, the claimed boot capacity from 380 to 1,200 L. in Passing in the Audi mention improving the sound insulation of the body – including through optimised aerodynamics, increased acoustic comfort.


The novelty has maintained the suspension scheme: not too powerful versions are equipped with racks McPherson front and torsion beam rear, but more dynamic on the rear axle put mnogoryichazhka. In addition, for A3 will offer two variants of the suspension with adaptive dampers, and promised that the differences between comfort and sport modes, their work will be more noticeable.

The first will reduce the ground clearance by 10 mm, the second, more inhibited by 15 mm (with it the new default will supply another package for S line trim). In base hatch is fitted with 16-inch wheels, but optionally they can be increase up to 19 inches.

The interior of the Audi A3 experienced a solid dose of “digitalization”: stored physical buttons the climate, but the screen inflight entertainment system grew to 10.25 inches, and an optional “virtual cockpit” with two 12.3-inch screens and projection display. Curiously, the volume control multimedia was touch: he responds to circular motion with your fingers. In addition, the Audi A3 got the recognition system of handwriting.

New “multimedia”, is said to have become ten times more powerful than its predecessor. She has introduced many new online services and the ability to communicate with the road infrastructure, voice commands can now be formulated more freely, and in the near future, the A3 will get the option of a wireless implementation of the functions of Allpe CarPlay and Android Auto. Finally, expanded the list of driver’s assistants – up to the autopilot 2 level, able to control the car on highways at speeds up to 210 km/h.

As for the engine range, the base engine for the new items at the start of sales will be 150-strong petrol turbo engine and a 116-horsepower diesel engine (later there will be a three-cylinder engine with output of 110 HP, which will play the role of base). Two-liter engine on heavy fuel will also offer a 150-horsepower version, while the petrol there was “moderate hybrid” version with a 48-volt starter-generator. It can add up to 12 HP and 50 Nm to the impact engine, but its main task in the other – to ensure, for example, the possibility of movement up to 40 seconds with the engine off.


The use of electric add-ons will save, according to estimates by Audi, up to 0.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. DVS plans to offer both with mechanics and with the robot, but the “mild hybrids” put only DSG.

In the future the market will leave the four-wheel drive versions, a couple of “plug-in hybrids” with a capacity of 218 and 245 HP, and the Audi S3 with a 310-horsepower two-liter turbo”Quartet”. Not far off, and the emergence of a full-fledged hot hatch, the RS 3, which predict a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine with recoil approximately 400 HP taking orders for the new European dealers have already discovered, the supply will begin in may.

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