Audi Q8 – cooler than Q7?

Audi Q8 – cooler than Q7?


Audi Q8 is the most long-awaited crossover of the brand, a car that will not leave anyone indifferent, another masterpiece of the VAG concern. During today’s test drive, we will try to figure out whether the Audi Q8 is really a new trend in the automotive industry, or is it just an updated Audi Q7.

Audi Q8 design

Externally, the Q8 looks like a symbiosis of Audi Q7 and Lamborghini Urus, very aggressive and cosmic, with sharp edges, frameless windows and side mirrors from Lamborghini, huge 22-inch wheels and fully LED optics. Looking at the Q8, you definitely expect something special… Well, it’s time to check.

Technically, this is the same Audi Q7, the same MLB evo platform, the same wheelbase, the same engines, the same ZF gearbox, air suspension, permanent all-wheel drive, steering rear axle and active stabilizers. The dimensions of the Q8 are shorter than the Q7 by only 70 mm., but externally it is a completely new model with its own individual design of both the body and the interior.

Salon Q8

In the interior of the Audi Q8 from the Q7, only the door cards and the steering wheel remained. The virtual dashboard with the ability to display Google maps has a larger size, the multimedia system now consists of two touch screens with tactile confirmation of clicks and the possibility of customization, a minimum of hard buttons and a maximum of black lacquer. Special attention should be paid to the interior lighting with a changeable color. Due to the high torpedo, the Q8 inside is perceived to be more spacious and brutal.

Multi-contour front seats, with many adjustments, are very comfortable and well suited for any height. You can adjust the seats directly from the multimedia screen.

There is more than enough space in the back row of seats, there are no problems with a place above the head, for the legs, or with the tilt of the backrest. Also, the rear seats can be moved forward to increase the trunk.

Chassis and steering Audi Q8

Now it’s time to check what the manufacturer has bet on: sports or comfort. Although many have already dubbed the Audi Q8 a sports crossover, unfortunately this is not the case … the Q8 turned out to be a kind of Mercedes from VAG — first of all comfort, and drive and sport only later. The air suspension is very energy-intensive, the car rides very gently and smoothly, even despite the 22nd wheels.

On a bad road, you still feel the heavy weight of the wheels, vibrations and noise are transmitted to the cabin, and the noise insulation on the Q8 could be better.

The steering in the Audi Q8 is also tuned for smoothness, it is quite informative and does not irritate with excessive weight. With active driving, I would like more sharpness.

Engine and dynamics Q8

We have an Audi Q8 on test with a 3.0 V6 TDI (50TDI) diesel engine with a capacity of 286 hp and a torque of 600 Nm. The technical specifications state that acceleration is from 0 to 100 km./ h takes 6.3 s. We decided to double-check this indicator, but in less than 7.5 s. we could not do it. And in general, if we talk about the engine, working in tandem with the ZF automatic transmission, he seemed very thoughtful to us and every time he pressed the gas pedal to the floor, he seemed to ask: “do you really want to accelerate sharply?”, and only after a couple of seconds he gave out his brutal torque. Perhaps it’s all the fault of strict European standards of toxicity….

Well, at the end of the test drive, we decided to check the off-road qualities of the Q8. Of course, there are no reduced gears or mechanical locks, but there is a permanent all-wheel drive with a reliable mechanical differential and pneumatics capable of raising the clearance to 260 mm. (in standard mode, the clearance is 210 mm.). As a result, the car rides off-road very confidently and certainly not worse than its competitors.

As a result, it turns out that the Audi Q8 is a very comfortable and technological car, if you like drive, dynamics and speed, then the Q8 is not for you, but in terms of design, smoothness, spaciousness, ergonomics and luxury of the interior, the Audi Q8 is the leader in its class.

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