Audi recalls 200,000 cars due to a strange breakdown

Audi recalls 200,000 cars due to a strange breakdown


Audi is recalling more than 200 thousand cars of 2017-2020 model years due to a problem with the passenger side airbag deactivation sensor. Front seat passenger detection is integrated into the seat heating on some vehicles.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to CarBuzz.

If the passenger seat heating is faulty, the system can automatically deactivate the passenger airbag. Fortunately, the instrument cluster light comes on by default when the Airbag is off.

The review affects about 20 thousand cars of the S5 version, 123 thousand A4 sedans and station wagons, 11 thousand A5 coupes and 28 thousand A5 Sportbacks, also about 5 thousand “charged” RS5s, etc.

The car manufacturer undertakes to replace the front passenger seat heating free of charge. The new components are redesigned, just like cars built after November 18, 2019.

In a message announcing the recall campaign, the company warns that there is a possibility that in the event of an accident, one of the front airbags may not deploy.

Earlier it became known that the new generation Ford Ranger 2022 pickup made its debut. The model received an upgraded frame and suspension.

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