Audi revealed the premiere date of the first “spherical” electric car

Audi revealed the premiere date of the first “spherical” electric car


Audi is preparing to show the electric cars of the future, which are expected to be built on the next generation Volkswagen Group’s green platform, codenamed Project Artemis. Brand VP Henrik Wenders and chief designer Mark Lichte talked about the first “spherical” concept – the Sky Sphere convertible, inspired by the Horsch 853A from the 1930s. The premiere of the firstborn of the luxury line will take place on August 10 in Malibu.

In the video, Lichte described Sky Sphere as a “sports car-transformer”, and the autonomous driving system, which will go to the show car, “the pinnacle of luxury.” The car will receive an elongated silhouette with a long bonnet, reminiscent of the Horsch 853A, and a cap in place of the radiator grill with a pattern of interconnected triangles. At the rear, their shape is repeated by light elements, stretching across the entire width of the stern.

Audi salon has not been shown yet. Given the presence of the autopilot, it will most likely be decorated in the spirit of a lounge space with ultra-comfortable chairs that can be turned towards each other – as, for example, in the stand-alone Pininfarina Teorema show car.

The Sky Sphere will be driven by an electric propulsion system, and will be based on a platform for the “battery” vehicles of the future Project Artemis. The range is still classified, but it is expected to be impressive, given that Mercedes-Benz is preparing to unveil a concept electric car that can travel up to 1200 kilometers on a single charge.

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