Audi revealed the premiere date of the flagship electric coupe with hinged doors

Audi revealed the premiere date of the flagship electric coupe with hinged doors


Audi is gearing up for the premiere of its second Sphere show car, following the Skysphere sliding roadster, the flagship Grandsphere four-door coupe will debut and will be the largest in the lineup. The novelty will have hinged doors, a rear sofa for two passengers, and a panoramic roof. The German brand distributed a teaser of the novelty in social networks and revealed the date of the presentation: the conceptual electric car will be presented to the public on September 2.

In the new teaser, you can see that the Grandsphere has a huge panoramic roof and a 2 + 2 landing formula, and a certain panel flickers on the center armrest, between the front seats. An earlier image also showed rear doors that open against the direction of travel.

The Grandsphere is expected to have a minimalist interior and a fourth-level autopilot, which will allow the driver to take no part in the steering process – a similar system was previously received by the Skysphere Roadster. In addition, Grandsphere will be able to remember the preferences of the driver and passengers, as well as automatically recognize its owners.

The aforementioned Skysphere was shown in mid-August during the Monterey Car Week in California. The roadster is powered by a 623 horsepower electric motor mounted on the rear axle. It is powered by a battery with a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours, on a single charge of which the electric car travels 500 kilometers in a WLTP cycle. Audi assures that the 1.8-ton Skysphere is capable of accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour in four seconds.

But the main feature of the concept was not the technical characteristics, but the system that allows it to increase in length depending on the selected driving mode. The increase is 25 centimeters, and all this distance falls on the wheelbase.

The “spherical” lineup of Audi will also include the urban electric crossover Urbansphere, the date of its debut has not yet been announced.

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