Audi RS Q8. Jump through the head

Audi RS Q8. Jump through the head


Today we test the most powerful at the moment, the crossover of the Audi brand. But what to say, because even the top version of the Porsche Cayenne with the internal combustion engine – less powerful. In short, it seems that one of the clans of experts in marketing of concern VAG staged a coup, and here’s what happened: the Audi RS Q8 only slightly inferior to the Lamborghini Urus, Cayenne faster, and certainly cheaper than both. Besides, there is a suspicion that Audi more and more comfortable…

In addition, marketers (Yes, unfortunately, they are now running the show), by some coincidence, pointed out the driving dynamics very close to reality. Which in the case of Audi, is a tremendous rarity. But how close did they get to the truth?..

Also the review will tell about the flaws of the model. Yes, it is about them, because there are shortcomings in every car, though difficult, is very difficult to find in the crossover, which is quite a may qualify for a dream car…

All the details in the test. Pleasant viewing!

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